Manly Dentist Peter Heyworth

Pediatric Dentistry

Parents often have a lot of questions regarding their children’s teeth such as; when do I start taking them to the dentist? What brush/toothpaste should our children use? Is Fluoride toothpaste safe for my child? Etc. Our experienced dentists will answer any questions you may have. We will evaluate your child and provide preventive and restorative dentistry for children including fluoride treatments, sealants and tooth colored fillings.

A well balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks, brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day and regular dental checkups will aid in healthy teeth for children.

It is recommended that a child see the dentist within the first six months upon the child developing their first tooth. This is to detect any early appearance of tooth decay. Early detection is the key to preventing tooth decay and maintain good oral health.

Statistics show that over forty to fifty percent of children will be affected by tooth decay before the age of five. A large number of children will have cavities by the time they reach second grade.

It is essential for parents to have their children visit with a dentist as early as possible, and maintain regular appointments each year. This is key in helping the child learn proper oral care habits and early prevention for tooth decay and oral disease. Working together can ensure these habits and ensure a healthy smile for our children.

Teaching the child about proper dental care and prevention, particularly about proper eating habits to prevent tooth decay is important for healthy teeth as they grow.

Getting your child to visit the dentist at an early age is an important step in their overall health as they grow up.