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Get Wisdom Teeth Extractions at a Family Dentist in Clontarf

If you’re a teenager or young adult, it’s possible your wisdom teeth haven’t appeared yet. We all have wisdom teeth, and most of us will need to deal with them eventually. Wisdom teeth tend to mature from the time a person turns seventeen and by the time they turn twenty-five. It can occur beyond these ages, but it is atypical.

A small number of people are never bothered by their wisdom teeth, and thus never need to get wisdom teeth removal. However, for most of us, we eventually need wisdom teeth surgery. Over time, the wisdom teeth start growing in sideways. If left unattended over time, the wisdom teeth can eventually start damaging the surrounding teeth and the jawbone. They can also result in gum infections, cysts, or crowding in your mouth. Over time the teeth themselves can begin to decay as well.

Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal surgery is a simple procedure for a family dentist in Clontarf. It is a routine surgery done nearly every day and one that is not a cause for concern. Sometimes, your family dentist in Clontarf will use an anaesthetic to help you be more relaxed and comfortable, but the surgery is possible without it. The surgery is carried out in the office (typically only done in a hospital if there is a potential complication).

Following your surgery, the best thing to do is go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Be assured that your wisdom teeth will no longer a problem for you.