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Healthy Gum Tips from Your Dentist near Seaforth

We all know that having healthy teeth is an important part of good oral health. Your dentist has probably told you to brush after meals and to make sure you are using the right kind of brush for your teeth. Manly Wharf Dental has been a family dentist in the Seaforth area for over 80 years, so we understand some of the most common gum complaints and issues our patients face in their daily lives. We can prevent many of these, so here are some suggestions for making sure your gums stay in the pink between dentist visits.

Your gums are sensitive and require delicate care. You dentist may recommend a soft-bristled brush and instruct you to angle the brush in a way that will stroke your teeth and gums without causing harm. You probably know that flossing is important, but how you floss can also impact your gums’ health. Be gentle and curve the floss around your teeth. You want to free debris and plaque while avoiding cutting your gums.

As important as daily brushing and flossing is, you still should see your dentist at least twice a year to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy. Regular cleanings hit hard to reach areas and can spot any potential issues early on.

Visiting a dentist in the Seaforth area couldn’t be easier than with Manly Wharf Dental. We are located near the wharf landing, making our office easily accessible to patients throughout the Sydney and Northern Beaches suburbs. Visit us today, and we’ll help make your gums healthier, your teeth whiter, and your smile more stunning than ever before!