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Get Your Dental Implants with a Dentist in Clontarf

If you have broken or missing teeth, then dental implants might be right for you. A dental implant involves replacing a broken or missing tooth with artificial teeth.

You can lose teeth for a variety of reasons, such as tooth decay, damaged root canals, or a mouth injury. A missing tooth is a problem in of itself, but it can also result in health complications such as malnutrition or bone loss. A dentist in Clontarf can easily remedy your broken or missing tooth for you.

Dental implants are a simple, in-office procedure. They are very safe and convenient, and your dentist can perform them on anyone over adolescent age.

At Manly Family Dentist, we work to provide quality treatment for you. Your dentist in Clontarf will start by asking you questions about your dental hygiene and eating habits, your dental history, and other relevant questions so he or she can fully under your unique situation. Then he or she will move on to scanning your teeth to gain a bigger picture of the situation before examining your mouth. He or she will be double checking that your bone structure can handle the implant. In the event that there is a lack of bone density, the dentist can add a smaller implant.

During the procedure itself, you will likely undergo mild sedation to minimise your discomfort or pain. In most cases, it is a simple and one-day procedure to give you a brand-new smile.