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Your Dental Health Relies on a Proper Diet

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Our diet affects our overall health including our dental health. Many of us take this fact for granted. We think that young people can eat just about anything and not suffer any kind of consequences. These days, studies have shown that our diet is a major factor to oral health. The moment food is put inside our mouth, there are changes that occur inside that we are not aware of, most of the time. The sugar that we put inside the mouth is converted by the bacteria into acid. This acid is what attacks our teeth and then it starts the decay process.

Therefore, it is only logical to assume that the more sweets we eat, the more acid sugar is being converted and more likely for us to have damaged teeth. The kind of foods that immediately come to mind are of course snacks like chocolates, cakes, etc. as well as soft drinks and juice. It is not to say that you should totally stop eating and drinking these foods and beverages; although to do so would be great. However, if one cannot quit eating and drinking sweets, it should be limited. The more frequent one eats and dinks sweets, the more likely one will have damaged teeth.

What are foods that are healthy for the mouth and teeth?

There are many kinds of food that are healthy for both our teeth and our body. To name a few foods that would be good for your teeth are chicken, nuts, milk and cheese. These kinds of foods are rich in calcium and phosphorous and these two components are known to protect the tooth enamel. You may also choose to eat vegetables and fruits that are a bit crunchy. The water content in these kinds of food is high so it dilutes some of the sugar. Citrus foods, on the other hand, should be taken with meals in order to lessen acidity. When it comes to beverages, the best ones are, of course, water, tea (unsweetened), and milk.

Having a proper diet does not only give you healthier teeth but, most of all, it gives you a healthy body. Cheating once in a while cannot be helped by some people but it is important that eating healthy food becomes a daily habit and not just something one does temporarily.

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