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Having pearly shiny white teeth is what most of us want. However, have you looked closely in the mirror today and have you taken a good look at your very own set of teeth? You may have noticed that they are not as white as you expect them to be. In fact, most of them have turned a different shade and you wonder how that happened.

What causes discoloration of our teeth?

As we grow up to be adults, the color of our teeth is not as white as when we were young because of the structure of the minerals in our tooth. Our baby teeth or milk teeth are much whiter and then they darkens as we age.

The second reason our teeth becomes darker in color is because of the food that we eat. Food and beverages such as coffee and red wine are some of the reasons. Tobacco is the worst of it all. Smoking is not only bad for our lungs but it can make our teeth very dark because of tar in the tobacco.

What can you do to have shiny white teeth?

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a solution to discolored teeth. This procedure restores the natural color of your teeth and then bleaching makes it even whiter than it was before. There are many ways that you can have teeth whitening or bleaching. You can have it at home which means that you buy whitening products that are being sold at the mall, spas or any establishment that offer such products. These products may work after using it a few times but is not guaranteed to last for a long time.

Another option is to have it done for you. You go to your dentist and have him examine your teeth and the dentist will do it for you. This method is recommended  as you will have it done by a professional that has experience doing this regularly. You are dealing with a sensitive part of your body and it is, therefore, better that you have a dentist examine you before you do anything.

There are two ways in which you can have teeth whitening. One is by using high concentration gel and the other is by using low concentration agents. The former needs to be performed at a dentist’s clinic while the latter can be performed at home.

Many Family Dentist is the best choice for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most simplest procedures that a dentist can do. Dr. Peter Hayworth at Manly Dentist will be more than happy to look at your teeth and take care of it for you. A simple teeth whitening procedure is one of their services and you will leave their office with a bright and happy smile on your face.

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