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Some Frequently Asked Questions

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It is surprising that many of us, still, are not aware of what is good for our dental health. Here are a list of frequently asked questions and myths about dental health.

1. How often should we brush our teeth? Does brushing the teeth as often as you could make them healthier and shinier?

It is recommended to brush teeth for 3 minutes 3 times a day.  A lot of people do it 3 times a day after their main meals. However twice a day is the best frequency as brushing more can damage the surface of the teeth.

2. Eating sweets will damage your teeth.

While it is true that having sweets all the time could damage your teeth, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any. All you have to do is wash your teeth every time you have sweets and that could actually prevent bacteria from damaging your teeth.

3. Tooth extraction affects eyesight

This is a myth. However, it is surprising that a lot of people believe this to be true. Everybody should know that there is absolutely no kind of effect whatsoever to the eyesight if one has a tooth extraction. You may visit your trusted family dentist and ask this question. You will be told the same thing.

4. Why do we lose teeth?

The most common cause of losing teeth is tooth decay. This happens when there is bacteria in the mouth that eats away the enamel of our teeth. A Cavity will form in the tooth and form a gaping hole. This can happen to both children and adults.

5. Are dental X-rays dangerous to our overall health?

Before a tooth extraction is performed, or any kind of dental surgery is performed, it is standard procedure that an x-ray should be taken. However, many people are hesitant to do this because of health reasons. We all know that radiation is harmful to our body. However, we should know that we are being exposed to radiation all the time as part of daily living. The amount of radiation that is being exposed to us when we have dental x-rays is very minimal and it does not do any harm to our overall health.

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