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Replace Lost Teeth with Implants

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Teeth implants are a common procedure especially for those who have had tooth extraction. Modern technology and dentistry can now allow us to replace the tooth that we have lost due to cavities and bacteria. However, before deciding to have an implant, you must first consult your dentist and be informed about the procedure. When you go to a dentist, he or she will determine if you are indeed a good candidate for a tooth implant.

There are different methods that could be used when performing this procedure. There are times when the dentist determines that you do not have enough jawbone. When this happens, bone grafting might have to be performed before the implant is actually done. The most common material used for implants is titanium as this material easily merges with the jaw of humans.

The procedure includes drilling into the jaw bone. Of course, anesthesia is going to be used so you do not feel a thing. When drilling is over, the implant will have to be inserted into the gums. It may take some time to actually finish the whole procedure but there is no doubt that you will be much happier with it then just having dentures.

There are many benefits to having teeth implants. For one, you can eat normally as if you have not lost a the tooth at all. This means that you can chew properly and you can also better digest your food. If you are not able to digest properly, you will often have indigestion and that is not pleasant. Digestion first occurs in the mouth and it will help greatly if you have all your teeth intact. If you have begun to have speaking problems because of a lost tooth, by having implants, you will overcome this problem.

As compared to dentures, teeth implants are much more comfortable and look more natural. If you were to smile, no one will know the better. They will not even notice that you have a tooth implant. One great benefit, also, is that you will be able to smile as often and as wide as you can. Many of us become insecure and we hide our smile if we have a missing tooth. However, with an implant, you can be as confident as you were before. The neighboring teeth will not be affected by this procedure and by the implant because it will be perfectly fitted in between.

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