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Preventing Heart Disease by Brushing Your Teeth

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Have you ever heard of someone developing heart disease because they had poor oral hygiene? Probably not. However, this does not mean that it does not happen. Recent studies have shown that poor oral hygiene can actually cause heart disease. Sounds rather far-fetched, huh? Nonetheless, it is true and there are scientific explanations to back it up, of course.

We all have bacteria in our mouth constantly. This is the reason why we need to brush our teeth as well as floss it to make sure that we lessen the bacteria buildup or perhaps try to get rid of it totally. However, when a person has very poor oral hygiene, bacteria will begin to buildup and cause infection and all kinds of gum diseases. These bacteria can actually get into your bloodstream. This is not something that we want in our bloodstream, by the way, as it can actually form clots in the arteries. If the arteries are clogged, this means that blood will have a hard time passing through and that will make your heart work twice as much as it used to. If it does that all the time, you will risk having a heart attack or some form or heart disease that will eventually lead to a heart attack.

It is actually very simple logic, yet many people take it for granted thinking that it is not that serious at all. But then again, one should know that if it involves the heart, it should be taken very seriously because contrary to what many believe, the heart is not just used for loving but it actually is one of our major organs that we simply cannot live without. Our bodies are all somehow connected so that if we take one part for granted, one or two other parts are impacted.

So,  would you rather have a heart disease or would you rather just brush your teeth every after meals, floss, and go to your dentist for regular checkups? I would think that the choice is obvious.

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