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Cosmetic dentistry has become so popular in the recently. People want to look beautiful and what better way to show off than having a radiant smile? A long time ago, if one had crooked teeth, a chipped tooth, or teeth with spaces in between, there was nothing one can do but try to stop himself from smiling or laughing out loud or perhaps hide behind a handkerchief. It is embarrassing to let other people see the imperfections one has in his teeth.

These days, however, just with a simple thing called porcelain veneers, you can actually show off perfectly white teeth. So, what is a veneer? It is a material that is very thin and placed over your chipped or perhaps discolored tooth to make it look a lot better. There are two types of materials used for veneers. One is the dental composite and the other is dental porcelain. Composite is commonly used as it is quite inexpensive but it is not as good as porcelain. Porcelain veneers may cost more but you can be sure that it is of very good quality.

Many actors and actresses these days actually have porcelain veneers and that is why you always see them with perfect white teeth. They can show off that smile without being insecure about the imperfections that were there before. Even if they have gaps between their teeth, they will not be noticed any longer as porcelain veneers can cover them and make it look perfect.

Choosing Manly Family Dentist will surely improve that winning smile. Dr. Peter Heyworth is more than happy to accommodate you and your dental needs. You can have healthy looking teeth without them appearing unnatural.

Manly Family Dentist also offers other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth straightening, bonding, gum crafts, and teeth whitening. Rest assured that you are in good and capable hands.

However, always remember that good dental hygiene always beats cosmetic dentistry. You should always be conscious of the health of your teeth and be careful with your food intake.

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