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I have Broken a Tooth! What now

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When one breaks a tooth, most of the time, it is painless. However, there are many circumstances where breaking a tooth is painful. How do people normally break their tooth? The most common cause of a tooth breakage is when you bite on something that is very hard. Our teeth are very strong but some people get carried away. They use their teeth to open bottles, crack nuts, and other things that they think they can use their teeth on. No matter how strong the teeth are, they will break if they are not used properly. Everything, after all, has its limits.

So, if you have broken a tooth, what you need to do is go see your dentist as soon as possible. If your tooth just suffered a small chip or if it broke without pain, you might think it is okay not to go see a dentist as you are not hurting. However, there could be some danger if you leave your tooth unattended. A nerve that has been damaged requires immediate attention and this cannot be given just in the home. It requires the attention of a professional. If you do not let a professional take a look at your broken tooth, you might end up losing at altogether.

If you feel pain when you have broken a tooth, it is possible to take some kind of painkillers so as to minimise the pain or take it all away entirely. Get some warm water and rinse your mouth the moment you have broken your tooth. If it is bleeding, you need to apply pressure by using gauze until such time that the bleeding stops. You should then call your dentist and report what has happened and go to his office as soon as you can. Your dentist will assess how much damage has been done to your tooth and he will recommend some procedures that need to be performed.

If you do have a dental emergency such as a broken tooth, call Peter Heyworth at Manly Family Dentist.

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