Manly Dentist Peter Heyworth

Find a Dentist in Balgowlah for All Your Oral Health Needs

Oral health is important. It can affect other aspects of your general health and plays a large role in cosmetic factors (such as your smile). Whether you need preventative care or help to remedy an issue, you need a dentist in Balgowlah you can trust.

At Manly Family Dentist, we provide you with a variety of services to meet your oral health needs. We love serving the entire family so that we can treat everyone from your kids to your parents. We also offer regular check-ups to provide you with preventative care. These regular visits help reduce plaque build-up and help strengthen your teeth, preventing issues from developing later.

We also offer wisdom teeth surgery, a simple procedure that can save you from a headache later. Most people eventually need wisdom teeth removal to avoid damage to the jaw or surrounding teeth. It is a simple procedure for a dentist in Balgowlah to do, and it is an important part of your health.

If you are unhappy with your smile for some reason, we offer many cosmetic surgery options. If you are missing a tooth, let a dentist in Balgowlah fix it for you. We can add an artificial tooth in a simple procedure to return your smile to its original glory. You can get your teeth whitened professionally, which will last longer and be of better quality than an over the counter product. We can help you love your smile again.